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Mud Jeans is a real pioneer when it comes to circularity and cradle-2-cradle in the fashion industry. They produce and offer jeans in a sustainable manner. How can it be sustainable, to offer one of the “dirtiest” garments in the world?  Mud Jeans revolutionizes the fashion industry by introducing the concept of “service” instead of “ownership” with they awarded “lease a jeans” system. We had the chance to meet lovely Linda from Mud Jeans at Neonyt 01/2020 and talked about their idea.

Mud Jeans was founded in 2012 by Bert van Son, CEO and founder. Bert has started the brand, because “It’s time to rethink what we consume and how we produce”. Bert focused on a pair of jeans, because jeans have a very negative impact and therefore a great potential to transform it into something good. About 1 billion jeans each year are selling worldwide. Bert and his team members thought about what they have to do differently. They decide to go for a holistic, sustainable approach for producing and selling jeans. One main aspect of their solution is the promotion of use over ownership and therefore a step towards circular economy. The circular economy approach tries to keep the materials as long as it gets and as good as it gets in the loop. As a company, Mud Jeans takes over responsibility for their “waste”.

They have introduced a leasing system for jeans. Customer can lease up to three jeans for 12 months, paying a monthly fee of 7.50€ and getting access to free repair service. After one year, the customer decides to keep the jeans or to lease a new one. The old pair of jeans will be send back to Mud Jeans. Mud Jeans will give them a second chance and sell the jeans through their vintage program. Jeans, which can not be repaired, will be recycled and used for the production of a new pair of jeans. Through the circle management, Mud Jeans has control over the resource flows. The leasing system and take-back-system is a successful way to get the old jeans back. To set up that idea is so fruitful, because only 1% of old clothes are recycled worldwide.

Mud Jeans has a great positive impact on environment in comparison to conventional jeans labels. With their circular system, they need less water, less energy, less carbon emissions, less waste. The products will be used as long as possible. Mud Jeans does not offer seasonal collections but fashion to last, slow fashion. Further, they provide free repair service. They only use organic cotton and recycled cotton and keep the loop closed. They work with re-pack from Finland, to minimize packaging waste.

Mud jeans also has a great social impact. They are transparent concerning their suppliers and manufactures and emphasize fair working conditions along the value chain. Mud Jeans holds a B corp certification. Along that, parts of their value chain are C-2-C certificated. Besides, they use GRS reporting and installed OekoTex and Ecocert standards as well.  

We really appreciate the concept and ideas of Mud Jeans. Mud Jeans is all about changing the way we think about consumption and production of fashion. They are changing the linear take- make-dispose-mentality to a next and better level take-make-remake-use again and keeping resources as long as it is possible in the loop. Mud Jeans gives us the chance to value what we have and keep it. Let us join their mission!

Photo credit by Mud Jeans


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