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Meet the team

Hello, I am Kristina 

“I am a real Berliner and especially interested in solutions bridging the gap between traditional fashion values and modern digital achivements to face climate and social challenges by fashion industry. In a digital world, the way we consume information changed rapidely. Greeenwashing and consume triggers are everywhere. At autark.berlin I work on a learning concept to foster information and sustainabe literacy for everybody. Our aim is to empower everyone living a 1.5 degree lifestyle with fashion”. 

I am  experienced in innovation management, innovation marketing and impact management. It did research about error management & learning culture as well as entrepreneurship. I am constantly learning around sustainable fashion consumption and more. 


Hello, I am Mandy 

“It is important to me to support consumers in making conscious and sustainable
shopping. And also to inspire them that sustainable fashion is beautiful and celebrates life and nature. There are many digital topics that support us in our idea development and that makes our work on this topic so exciting.”

I am experienced in digital product design, usability & human-machine-interaction. I have studied sociology of science and technology, bridging two worlds. As former seamstress, I have gained insights into the fashion world.


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