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Fashion and the Circular EconomyLearning Hub EMF: Fashion and the circular economyEnglishAdvancedCircular economy fashion, clothing consumption, product life cycle, waste, footprint; business models (sharing, lending/renting, second-hand), care, quality; consumer behaviour
Cradle to CradleCradle to Cradle - TextiltrainerEnglish, GermanBeginnersCradle to Cradle/C2C; C2C school of thought; C2C certificates, criteria (material health, recyclability, energy use, water quality, social standards; examples (yarn, tanning, textile surfaces, clothing); C2C gradations; Green Button
What happens to my old clothes?Doku: Was passiert mit meinen alten Klamotten?GermanAdvancedUnsold new goods (remnants, surplus), used clothing; secondary recyclers (Bingo Systems); fast fashion consequences (loss of quality, consumer behaviour); destruction of new goods; returns business (Arvato), Black Friday; textile recycling companies (TexTrade); ripping plant
Fast fashion - clothing waste in Chile's desertDoku: Fast Fashion - Kleiermüll in Chiles WüsteGermanAdvancedAtacama Desert Chile, free trade zone ZOFRI Iquique; import of used clothing, resale of used clothing; fast fashion, labour wages, production conditions, Rana Plaza; Venezuelan refugees; fashion industry Sao Paulo, recycling, upcycling, cotton cultivation in Brazil
By the numbers: The Economic, Social, and Environmental Impacts of "Fast Fashion"Artikel: By the numbers: The Economic, Social, and Environmental Impacts of "Fast Fashion"EnglishAdvancedMass consumption, fast fashion, linear fashion model, water consumption, working conditions, wages, child labour, innovation
The True CostDoku: The True CostGerman & EnglishBeginnersMass consumption, trends, fast fashion, Black Friday; production conditions, working conditions, wages, Rana Plaza/Dhaka, trade union; sweatshops, system fashion industry, fair fashion; cotton cultivation, organic cotton, genetic engineering, pesticides, damage to health, disabilities, large farmers, small farmers, suicide; (psychological) consequences of mass consumption, needs, fashion bloggers; rubbish dumps; second hand; chemicals, water pollution, tanneries; protests, subsistence level
Fashion Revolution Quiz 2019PDF: Fashion Revolution Quiz 2019EnglishExpertsConsumption volumes, production locations, progress in the fashion industry
After the Binge, the Hangover: Insights into the Minds of Clothing ConsumersStudie: After the Binge, the HangoverEnglishAdvanvcedMass consumption, social media, boredom, stress, group pressure, motivation to consume, satisfaction, addiction
Does the shoe fit? An overview of the global show productionPDF: Does the shoe fit?EnglishExpertsLabour costs, injustice, trade margin
Your Plan, Your PlanetDashboard: Your Plan, Your PlanetEnglishBeginnersMass consumption, recycling, environmental damage; Resell, Repair, Reuse, Rent, Donate, Own