ILP Fashion Project – Information Literacy Platform of Responsible Fashion Consumption and Utilization

When it comes  to sustainable consumption of fashion – brands aks for educated customers and customers ask for more information. To fully understand the impacts of the fashion industry and our consumption behaviour, it is a lot to learn for everybody.

We offer a digitale learning platform to foster sustainable consumption of fashion using state-of-the-art edtech and beyond as well as scientific learning concepts.

The project analyses the feasibility of a digital knowledge and learning platform that is intended to increase the information competence of consumers in the field of sustainable fashion production and use. In the fashion industry, there are many possibilities for action to minimize environmental destruction – e.g. through the use of chemicals – and to enable more transparency regarding supply chains that span several continents. Currently, the topic is being taken up by individual ministries, associations and societies, universities and labels as well as sustainable online shops. However, so far there is no central knowledge and learning platform that brings together all relevant information for consumers, refers to it and imparts knowledge independently. The digital learning and knowledge platform to be set up should make essential information available in different ways. This includes, among other things, the status quo, the extent and consequences of current western fashion consumption, the production conditions, the use phases of clothing, as well as knowledge on how to increase longevity. The focus is on alternative ways of acting in everyday life for sustainable consumption.


  • Berlin Partner
  • Cradle-to-Cradle NGO
  • Hessnatur Stiftung
  • IÖW Institut für Ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung
  • Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung
  • Senior Research Group

Recycled, Baby – Video Sustainable Materials (English) 

Recycelt, Baby – Video Nachhaltige Materialien (Deutsch) 

Leitfaden Recycelt, Baby – Nachhaltige Materialien (Deutsch) 


Vintage, Baby – Video Second Hand Clothes (English)

Vintage, Baby – Video Second Hand Mode (Deutsch) 


Leitfaden Vintage, Baby – Second Hand Mode (Deutsch)



Project duration: 1 year (01.12.2021 – 30.11.2022)

Funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Program IGP

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