Myssy from Pöytyä

A friend of mine told me about the Finnish fashion brand, which has an own sheep herd. And even better, local grannies are knitting the wool hats of Myssy. Janne and Anna have started a farmed-based fashion brand in 2009. Myssy is Finnish and means funky wool hat. Janne and Anna live and work on their sheep farm in Finland. They have set up a holistic approach to produce wool accessories in line with nature and society. Anna and Janne had made experiences within their professions, Anna in marketing and Janne as professional windsurfer. Janne started knitting by chance and it became a hobby, after ending its sport career as windsurfer. Everybody liked the warm and cosy wool hats and so they decided to go a step further.

Anna and Janne decided at one point of their lifetime, to take over the family sheep farm, which had been part of their family over 400 years – And use the resources they have to create an international luxury accessory brand. Myssy stands for 100% Finish eco-wool, with no chemicals used. Finnsheep have a wool that is very soft, light in weight and dense. The sheep have a wide color spectrum from white, brown to black. The hats are being hand-dyed at their farm – every product is unique and is made to last. Myssy wool hats are totally organic and biodegradable. The brand gives a life-time-warranty. Their mission “things are better done slowly” seems to be the perfect way for their new life on farm. Anna and Janne do a great job in “mixing” farm life with urban culture. They produce locally, and therefore can guaranty a 100% traceability. As the brand scaled, they have started a cooperation with another Finish sheep farm, with thousand animals. The animals handled with care. The wool is spun in Finland. Myssy stands for responsible production.

The brand empowers the local community, due to the fact, that they involve local grannies in the knitting process. The grannies are meeting regularly and knit together. Every beanie has the signature of its producer granny, they and their craftsmanship play a vital role in the story of Myssy.

Every year, one can visit the farm and sheep to get an impression, how a locally farm-based fashion brand works. With Myssy Janne and Anna show that is possible in the world of fashion to set up a fashion business that has a positive impact – for nature and for society. They are inspiring. We really like the combination of craftsmanship and farming culture. How about setting something like this up in Berlin?

photo copyright by myssy

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