B Corp Certificate

The fashion industry faces many challenges in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. B Corp assessments provide a way for companies in this industry to evaluate and improve their impact on the environment and society, and for consumers to get guidance. We first came across the certification when we took a closer look at MUD Jeans. Continue reading “B Corp Certificate”

Malaikaraiss, Berlin

There are now many fashion labels that are committed to sustainability. One of them is the Berlin fashion label Malaikaraiss. Founder and namesake Malaika Raiss has been focusing on sustainable production methods and material selection since the label was founded in 2010. But what exactly does sustainability mean for the label and how does it implement it?

Continue reading “Malaikaraiss, Berlin”

Gudrun Sjöden, designer, brand and sustainability advocate, Sweden

The art of dressing eco friendly

It’s not easy to find a sustainable favorite label. Among all the offers to find out what materials are used to produce clothing, how the processing of the clothing is, how transparent the label acts as a company and whether does it also meet the personal fashion taste. I have been finding relatively quickly a designer who always surprises and inspires me. Gudrun Sjöden! Continue reading “Gudrun Sjöden, designer, brand and sustainability advocate, Sweden”

Gabriela Hearst – designer, brand and sustainability advocate, New York

“It’s as simple as – we just need to change our habits”. Gabriela Hearst is a New York City-based luxury fashion brand founded by Gabriela Hearst with roots in Uruquay. She recently became the head designer of Chloé in Paris, which she transformed into a B-Corp company within two years. We can all learn a lot from Gabriela, whether as a designer, producer or consumer. So let’s take a look. Continue reading “Gabriela Hearst – designer, brand and sustainability advocate, New York”

Berlin-based eyewear brand MYKITA

MYKITA sets standards for sustainable urban production in the fashion industry with its modern manufactory. The Berlin brand has been designing & producing beautiful eyewear under one roof since 2003, today at MYKITA HAUS. The purposeful products combine craftmanship and high technology. Innovation and sustainability are the key of the MYKITA DNA. MYKITA pioneers the industry with its holistic approach. Founder Moritz Krüger was driven by a clear aesthetic vision and the willingness to produce something himself, to be curious and to constantly question the status quo. By the novelty of the first product design, the founder were forced to set up their own production and to develop the machines and processes for the specific needs. Continue reading “Berlin-based eyewear brand MYKITA”

ISTO. from Lisboa, Portugal

Vasco, and Pedro and Pedro have started ISTO. in 2017 in Lisbon, because they have been searching for men clothes, with a very good quality and an affordable price. Their search stayed unsuccessful, that was when they decided to solve that by themselves. ISTO. stands for I – Independence, S – Superb, T – Transparent and O for  Organic. Nowadays the brand offers women and men classic minimalistic basic clothes in good quality, organic and to a good price. They reveal the true costs (price) of their clothes at every step of the value chain, which is something unique in the fashion industry. Continue reading “ISTO. from Lisboa, Portugal”