Berlin-based Prêt-à-Couture brand Danny Reinke

Danny Reinke is a fashion brand,  which combines craftmanship and local production in our hometown Berlin. We came across them during Berlin Fashion Week. We are glad, that we had the chance to ask about his approach, success factors and challenges of local production.

What is Danny Reinke all about?

Danny Reinke’s Prêt-à-Couture collection is a rhythm of contrasts. A mixing of luxe textiles that emphasize the playfulness of spirit and style, while thoughtful tailoring is resonant with the careful construction that marks the German intellect and soul of the brand. Signature design elements in bodysuits highlight youthful femininity, while opulent tulle dresses present a strong yet accordant contrast with embroidery which is a hallmark of the brand. 

The garments themselves are all lovingly handmade from the highest quality materials in our Berlin atelier, ensuring a responsible method of production that is critical to the message of sustainability that is so important to the brand. 

Why did you decide to produce locally? 

Sustainability is part of our design philosophy and it is very important for the fashion industry. However, sustainability has many facets from the raw materials to the local production of garments. This was very important for us from the beginning. We saw this process as part of our value. Amongst other things, we want every tailor, seamstress or pattern-maker to be paid accordingly for their work and to have good benefits in the atelier. That is why we decided to go this route, so what we can inspect every garment and monitor all production sites ourselves.

Does local production play a role in your success?

Success is secondary for us, primarily our vision is to promote and preserve German craftsmanship. Fashion made in Germany is far too small in the economically strong Germany.

What skills are necessary for local production? How did you acquire the knowledge?

I had a dual course of studies in fashion design and ladies’ tailoring at the FahModa Academy for Fashion and Design in Hanover. In 2012, I also attended the Kraków School of Art and Fashion Design. I am a trained dressmaker / tailor and therefore have a very good knowledge of the production of clothing. Because of my training I consider all options for a garment. The prototyping and pattern development takes place entirely in our studio in Berlin.

What challenges have you encountered in implementing local production?

Coming from an artisan handcraft background myself, quality is very important to me, so balancing all the components is always a bit of a challenge.

Do consumers from the region value your products?

All our customers are grateful for the transparent handling of our clothing. Many customers have had their clothes made to measure in our atelier. This means that we have a personal connection to every customer.




photo copyright by Danny Reinke