GOTS – The Gold Standard of sustainable clothes

There are so many things to look out for when it comes to sustainable fashion. But it can also be as simple as sticking to seals that are a guarantee of sustainability. Like the GOTS seal, for example. The Global Organic Textile Standard is a globally recognised, strict standard for textiles from sustainable production including raw material cultivation. You can trust products with this seal with the white shirt on a green background, a clean slate, so to speak. Why? Continue reading “GOTS – The Gold Standard of sustainable clothes”

Myssy from Pöytyä

A friend of mine told me about the Finnish fashion brand, which has an own sheep herd. And even better, local grannies are knitting the wool hats of Myssy. Janne and Anna have started a farmed-based fashion brand in 2009. Myssy is Finnish and means funky wool hat. Janne and Anna live and work on their sheep farm in Finland. They have set up a holistic approach to produce wool accessories in line with nature and society. Continue reading “Myssy from Pöytyä”