Gabriela Hearst – designer, brand and sustainability advocate, New York

“It’s as simple as – we just need to change our habits”. Gabriela Hearst is a New York City-based luxury fashion brand founded by Gabriela Hearst with roots in Uruquay. She recently became the head designer of Chloé in Paris, which she transformed into a B-Corp company within two years. We can all learn a lot from Gabriela, whether as a designer, producer or consumer. So let’s take a look. Continue reading “Gabriela Hearst – designer, brand and sustainability advocate, New York”

Mud Jeans from Laren

Mud Jeans is a real pioneer when it comes to circularity and cradle-2-cradle in the fashion industry. They produce and offer jeans in a sustainable manner. How can it be sustainable, to offer one of the “dirtiest” garments in the world?  Mud Jeans revolutionizes the fashion industry by introducing the concept of “service” instead of “ownership” with they awarded “lease a jeans” system. We had the chance to meet lovely Linda from Mud Jeans at Neonyt 01/2020 and talked about their idea. Continue reading “Mud Jeans from Laren”