Introducing SANE: The holistic Fashion Certification

In the world of fashion certifications, where countless options focus on distinct aspects, consumers and brands often find themselves lost in a sea of choices. The intricate nuances of each certification can confound consumers, leaving them uncertain about making informed purchases. Simultaneously, brands face the challenge of embarking on a sustainable journey, determining the most suitable certifications to adopt for a comprehensive approach, and effectively conveying their sustainable accomplishments without perplexing their clientele.

Critics have also raised concerns about the perceived limitations of existing certifications, urging the need for more precise and ideal impact scenarios. To address these issues, industry professionals in field such as textile manufacturing, compliance management, and environmental protection have spent the past seven years developing a groundbreaking international fashion standard. Their aim was to assist brands in commencing their sustainable transformations while encompassing environmental, social, and consumer health considerations. This endeavor has resulted in the birth of SANE.

SANE: Redefining Fashion Certification

SANE stands as a comprehensive fashion standard and is a proud member of the United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network, a platform dedicated to promoting initiatives that accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. This certification extends its coverage to textiles, accessories, footwear, and home textiles, adopting a holistic approach that evaluates multiple phases of a product’s life cycle. It focuses on areas where environmental and human impacts are most harmful and where brands and production facilities have the technical capability to implement more sustainable processing methods.

Unlike certifications that specializes on single aspects, such as Bluesign’s on sustainable textile processing, or those with narrow scopes like GOTS which covers chemical for natural fiber production, SANE’s scope of action extends beyond the usual. This standard places significant emphasis on the selection of low-impact materials across all material types, the chemical composition of final products, the ecological footprint of processing stages, and the welfare and remuneration of workers.

To ensure brand compliance with SANE’s stringent criteria, production facilities undergo rigorous evaluation through accredited third-party audits. However, recognizing the growing problem of audit fatigue within the industry and the fact that some brands or facilities might already have other certifications, SANE has taken the innovative step of accepting existing credible sustainability standards to avoid redundant assessments.

Accessible and Economical Textile Certification

SANE’s multifaceted approach ensures comprehensive coverage of crucial aspects while maintaining an attainable path for brands to initiate their sustainable journey. SANE allow brands to begin their transition with a single product or a capsule collection before extending their sustainable practices across their entire product range. Moreover, this standard aligns itself with the EU Green Claims Directive, positioning it as the future benchmark for fashion certification in Europe.

What sets SANE apart as an appealing choice for small and medium-sized companies is its cost structure. Instead of necessitating a substantial upfront investment, brands pay in proportion to their production volume. This flexible approach empowers brands to gradually expand their sustainable product offerings and certifications.

For consumers, SANE simplifies the process of making informed purchasing decisions. By scanning a QR code, they gain valuable insights into the sourcing and production practices of their favored brands. This empowers consumers to align their purchases with their values and choose brands actively engaged in their sustainable journey.

The distinctive SANE logo, prominently displayed on hang tags or stitched onto products, signifies a commitment to the environment, workers’ rights, and consumer well-being. SANE sets a new standard for sustainability in the textile and fashion industry, redefining the future of fashion certifications.

Guest article by SANE has been following the SANE STANDARD approach for some time now and appreciates their holistic, systematic view of the effects on environment and society.
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