Introducing SANE: The holistic Fashion Certification

In the world of fashion certifications, where countless options focus on distinct aspects, consumers and brands often find themselves lost in a sea of choices. The intricate nuances of each certification can confound consumers, leaving them uncertain about making informed purchases. Simultaneously, brands face the challenge of embarking on a sustainable journey, determining the most suitable certifications to adopt for a comprehensive approach, and effectively conveying their sustainable accomplishments without perplexing their clientele. Continue reading “Introducing SANE: The holistic Fashion Certification”

Transparency in the textile chain

Transparency in the textile supply chain is important for many reasons and is increasingly demanded politically as well as by us consumers. According to a study by Fashion Revolution, 75% of consumers say they want more information when buying clothes (Fashion Revolution Consumer Survey Report 2020). They want to know where the material comes from, under what circumstances was the garment produced, where and by whom? Continue reading “Transparency in the textile chain”

ISTO. from Lisboa, Portugal

Vasco, and Pedro and Pedro have started ISTO. in 2017 in Lisbon, because they have been searching for men clothes, with a very good quality and an affordable price. Their search stayed unsuccessful, that was when they decided to solve that by themselves. ISTO. stands for I – Independence, S – Superb, T – Transparent and O for  Organic. Nowadays the brand offers women and men classic minimalistic basic clothes in good quality, organic and to a good price. They reveal the true costs (price) of their clothes at every step of the value chain, which is something unique in the fashion industry. Continue reading “ISTO. from Lisboa, Portugal”