Gudrun Sjöden, designer, brand and sustainability advocate, Sweden

The art of dressing eco friendly

It’s not easy to find a sustainable favorite label. Among all the offers to find out what materials are used to produce clothing, how the processing of the clothing is, how transparent the label acts as a company and whether does it also meet the personal fashion taste. I have been finding relatively quickly a designer who always surprises and inspires me. Gudrun Sjöden! Continue reading “Gudrun Sjöden, designer, brand and sustainability advocate, Sweden”

We love being by the sea – plasticfree, baby

Water is our elixir of life. We love to be by the water, the lake, the sea and to relax. Without water, nothing is created, neither humans nor nature can survive. But far out in the oceans, whole plastic islands of unimaginable size are floating, caused by us humans. Tiny micro-particles of plastic float beneath the surface of the water, invisible to our eyes and disturbing our ecological balance. Already today, scientists can prove that plastic waste caused by humans ultimately harms not only marine life, but also ourselves. The production and use of our clothing are a driving factor. Continue reading “We love being by the sea – plasticfree, baby”

Gabriela Hearst – designer, brand and sustainability advocate, New York

“It’s as simple as – we just need to change our habits”. Gabriela Hearst is a New York City-based luxury fashion brand founded by Gabriela Hearst with roots in Uruquay. She recently became the head designer of Chloé in Paris, which she transformed into a B-Corp company within two years. We can all learn a lot from Gabriela, whether as a designer, producer or consumer. So let’s take a look. Continue reading “Gabriela Hearst – designer, brand and sustainability advocate, New York”


In the search for sustainable materials for the clothing industry, algae seem to be an interesting alternative to cotton, for example, because they grow highly regeneratively in seawater, for example, and require virtually no water for processing. In addition, algae substances have a vitalising effect. We have taken a look at the special features and challenges. Continue reading “Algae”

Sourcing for fashion production in Berlin

We are interessted in circular textile production processes and using „waste“ as ressources for something new. In urban spaces, like our home town Berlin, we see are lot of interessting sourcing opportunities for the production of clothes and shoes. Cities are main driver of consumption. They produce enormous amounts of waste and pollution ( What if, we use that waste and transform it into something good. To source and produce locally seems to be a good starting point to create a possitive impact. Sustainable production comes with the usage of natural materials or recycling of materials. By recycling plastic waste and other waste, resources can be conserved.  Let’s do a thought experiment and think about waste streams in urban spaces, which could be a sourcing opportunity for textile production. Continue reading “Sourcing for fashion production in Berlin”

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