Vegan, baby

I’m not sure that with all our sustainability efforts, the majority of us are aware of what’s in our clothes: Birkenstocks made of leather, shaving brushes made of badger hair, hip down jackets made of goose feathers – all sustainable. It depends on how you look at it. All these things contain materials of animal origin. Is vegan the more sustainable alternative? Continue reading “Vegan, baby”

CECE Project, Amsterdam, Niederlande

Project CECE is an online platform for buying sustainable and fair fashion, offering access to selected brands and products that meet five sustainability criteria: Fair trade, Environmentally friendly, Vegan, Locally produced, Good cause. The feature of being able to search for products specifically according to materials and certificates is particularly great. This is a real boon for anyone who has been involved with sustainable fashion for a while. It is also nice that there are many small brands that are not found on every platform. Continue reading “CECE Project, Amsterdam, Niederlande”