A closer look at jeans

Have you ever counted how many pairs of jeans you actually have in your wardrobe, and yet you still think about buying another pair? Hopefully we wear them until they fall apart. 150 years ago they were used as hard-wearing workwear, today they are part of our lifestyle. If we want to live more sustainably, the best place to start is with blue jeans. In this article, we tell you why it makes sense to take a close look at jeans.

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CECE Project, Amsterdam, Niederlande

Project CECE is an online platform for buying sustainable and fair fashion, offering access to selected brands and products that meet five sustainability criteria: Fair trade, Environmentally friendly, Vegan, Locally produced, Good cause. The feature of being able to search for products specifically according to materials and certificates is particularly great. This is a real boon for anyone who has been involved with sustainable fashion for a while. It is also nice that there are many small brands that are not found on every platform. Continue reading “CECE Project, Amsterdam, Niederlande”

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