Embracing Circular Fashion: A Sustainable Revolution for Our Closets


In a world where environmental concerns are mounting, many of us are seeking ways to live more sustainably. The fashion industry, long criticized for its wasteful practices and environmental impact, has seen a transformation in recent years with the rise of circular fashion. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of circular fashion for the environment and society, provide practical tips for consumers, and discuss how to enhance information literacy for making sustainable choices. Continue reading “Embracing Circular Fashion: A Sustainable Revolution for Our Closets”


Wood-based fibres for fashion are “a choice we all need to be aware of for a better life on our planet.” The majority of textiles today are still made of petroleum-based synthetic fibres. A limited raw material whose use is not good for our environment. Washing clothes made of synthetic fibres releases huge amounts of tiny particles into the oceans. An alternative are materials made from renewable, compostable raw materials. In the textile industry, this includes wood, especially TENCEL. Cellulose fibres made from wood currently account for 6 percent of total global fibre production. Clothing made of wood is pleasant to wear on the skin. We took a closer look at the material. Continue reading “Wood”